Dress Code

Expectations: Students must show courtesy and respect for themselves and others in the way they dress. Students should be neat, clean and well-groomed in overall appearance, should comply with the specific program, and health and safety policies in selected areas (e.g. gymnasia, laboratories, shops, kitchens) and be adequately covered to be consistent with a scholarly school tone.

Clothing and accessories should be free of materials which:

  • are racist, sexist, or homophobic
  • promote unlawful lifestyles, including but not limited to, drugs and alcohol
  • display profanity
  • are unduly distracting, including but not limited to, dress which is sexually provocative, torn or ragged
  • are unhealthy, unhygienic or unsafe, including but not limited to, bare/sock feet, and metal or other sharp adornments
  • are reflective of violent or anti-social culture


Reasons: All students, staff, and other members of the school community have the right to a learning environment which is free of offensive material or unduly distracting clothing or apparel which is inappropriate for a work or scholarly school tone. Appropriate dress helps to maintain the learning environment.