Student Drop Off/Bus Safety

Riding the school bus is a privilege. The bus driver and fellow passengers have the right to be treated with dignity and respect. Inappropriate conduct by students can distract the driver, affecting the safety of all students riding the bus. 

If a student needs to get off the bus at a different stop on their route, if they are going home with a friend, or going to an alternate destination, a bus note must be obtained from the main office and signed by administration. A note from parents/guardian must be presented to office staff in order to obtain the note. The bus note is then given to the bus driver by the student when they board the bus at the end of the day. Bus drivers cannot allow students to depart at a different stop or board their bus - for an alternate bus - if they do not have a note.

The alternate bus stop requested must be an existing planned stop (i.e. - the bus stops there every day already). Due to insurance and safety requirements, busses are not allowed to stop where there is no existing planned stop. If the bus stop is not a planned stop, parents/guardians will be contacted by the school so that alternate arrangements can be made.

If the alternate stop is one which will be required on a regular basis (i.e. student’s work site, alternate caregiver, etc.), students should complete a new Transportation form available in Student Services and indicate under “alternate stop” the location of the work site, etc. Tri-board Transportation will then process the information and let parents/students know where the bus will be letting them off. In some instances, the alternate stop is not in a safe location for the bus to stop. In that case, students will be required to get off at the closest approved stop.