Slime Challenge

Huge Wins for Local Food Banks

   April was a busy month for staff and students at Granite Ridge Education Centre and North Addington Education Centre! All month long both communities took part in a high stakes challenge fundraising for our respective food banks, with the victorious school winning the opportunity to SLIME three staff members from the opposing school. Between the two schools we raised an amazing grand total of $11,658.60! Granite Ridge proved triumphant with a fundraised total of $6,361.00 against North Addington's $5,297.60; but the real winners of this competition are our local Food Banks!

   This challenge achieved more than raising funds, it brought back a fun comradery between our Northern schools with good natured pranks, friendly trash-talking Twitter posts, and encouraging videos. After a month of creative fundraising, hard-work, and huge accomplishments our halls are full of big smiles and happy hearts!

   Get ready for the SLIME Mr. Mooney, Mr. McCullough, and Mr. Goodfellow… Our slime buckets are full and we’re coming for you!

North Addington created this great video of our reveal day, take a look HERE!