June 8th Message to Families

June 8th Message to Families

June 8, 2020

Dear Families:

As you know, our community was the scene of a tragic series of events last evening. Due to the small, close-knit nature of our community, many of our families have been affected. Our thoughts are with them as well as our local first responders who acted quickly to ensure our community’s safety and a quick resolution to the threat presented.

If you or your children have been adversely affected by these events, we encourage you to reach out to available support systems. If you feel like you need some support but do not know where to turn, please reach out to the school and we can provide you with the appropriate connections.

Within our community, you can also reach out personally to Maltby Centre, Monday to Friday (8:30 am -4:30 pm) at 613-546-8535 or the Kids Help Phone 24/7 at 1-800-668-6868 or text CONNECT to 686868.

We cannot downplay the impact these kinds of events may have on our students, families and staff. Our reactions to unexpected and tragic incidents can shape how children and youth experience these events, and can influence their perceptions of safety going forward. The best way to help those affected is to use your careful judgment and empathy.

You may also wish to incorporate some of these strategies at home to support your child(ren):

• Create an atmosphere for open dialogue and talk about the event with your child. Silence is not comforting in crisis situations and suggests that what has occurred is too horrible to even speak of. Even very young children have likely already heard what has happened – but they may not understand what it means. 

• Start by asking what your child has already heard about the events and what questions or concerns they may have. Listen and acknowledge all feelings. If the child expresses worry, sadness or fears, tell them what adults are doing to keep them safe, but do not provide false reassurance or dismiss their concerns.

• You may also wish to minimize your child’s exposure to media (television, radio, internet, social media) and if they do watch, watch with them to allow for open communication about material viewed.

We will continue to help and provide support as required. Please take care of yourselves.


Emily Yanch, Principal, Kristin Stevens, Vice-Principal and your entire GREC Community.