Fresh from the Farm

Fresh from the Farm

Granite Ridge students will be fundraising with Fresh from the Farm again this fall. We are excited with this partnership as it gives us the opportunity to provide fresh Ontario produce to our community members, increase awareness about the importance of fresh, nutritious produce and raise funds for our school.

What Ontario-grown products are sold?

  • $14 Bundle A contains: 5 lb potatoes, 3 lb carrots, 3 lb onions, 3 lb sweet potatoes
  • $15 Bundle B contains: 8 lb Empire apples

We are proud of our Ontario farmers who promote and participate in Fresh from the Farm by growing and delivering their Ontario products directly to OUR school!


Why buying Ontario fruit and vegetables is good!

✔    It supports our communities

ApplesChoosing fresh and delicious local food helps to create jobs and supports economic growth in Ontario. It also builds a strong sense of community by supporting Ontario's farmers and businesses. Every time you buy local, Ontario, you make a positive impact.


✔    It helps the environment

ApplesOntario farmers take pride in being good stewards of the land, helping to preserve it for future generations. Buying local also means your food comes from closer to home, and the closer, the fresher!


✔    It's nutritious and tastes great

ApplesAdding nutritious Ontario fruits and vegetables to your diet can help contribute to a healthier lifestyle. They provide excellent sources of vitamins, minerals and fibre. As well, adds texture, colour and a variety of flavor profiles to any meal or snack.