First Time Riders 2021-2022

First Time Riders 2021-2022
Posted on 03/23/2021
School bus safety is an important part of welcoming new kindergarteners into the school
community. While the in-person First Time Rider Program is suspended during the pandemic,
Tri-Board has plenty of resources available to new riders and their families online at
This Information for Parents and New Riders section assists families new to transportation in
understanding bus safety, delay notifications, and snow days. We strongly encourage schools
and families of new riders to download the First-Time Rider Booklet, as it provides a summary
of student transportation service and safety tips, additional resources, and was jointly created by
Since we cannot provide a walkthrough on a real bus, all new riders should watch the First-Time
Rider video to learn how to wait safely at the bus stop, how to get on and off the bus, and bus
safety rules and expectations. This and other bus safety videos can be found at
The First-Time Rider Safety Tips Booklet can be downloaded directly from our website and is
also available in the school portal.