Student Absences on Inclement Weather Days

Reporting Student Absences on Inclement Weather Days

In past years when school buses have been cancelled due to inclement weather, parents/guardians of bused students were not required to report their absence. Only parents/guardians of walkers who chose not to come to school were to report absences.

NEW FOR 2019-2020: 
All parents/guardians are asked to report their student’s absence regardless of the reason, including when there are bus cancellations. Often, bused students find alternative ways to school and we want to ensure we know the whereabouts of each student to ensure their safety and well-being. Knowing who is supposed to be at school will allow school office staff to best ensure all students are accounted for.

Students will report to their classroom teacher for attendance at 8:20 am as they would on a regular school day. This allows school office staff to quickly determine who is not accounted for and place SafeArrival calls to students' designated contacts. 

Thank you for your cooperation to ensure our students are accounted for and are safe each and every day; including Inclement Weather Days!