Terry Fox 2018

Granite Ridge Terry Fox Run Sept. 27th
Terry Fox"Even if I don't finish, we need others to continue. It's got to keep going without me."  Terry Fox

Cancer is a complex disease and the battle will not be finished until every cancer patient can enjoy the best possible outcome. We cannot rest until we realize our shared goal of a world free of cancer.

Nothing mattered more to Terry than the support of Canadians who stood by him, supporting his every step during those 4 months in 1980. By getting involved in the Terry Fox Foundation on any level - at a Run, donating in memory of a loved one, hosting a special event - you will be making an important contribution to a charitable organization that still embodies the values of its founder; that funds cancer research projects that are innovative and daring; that has become an important part of community-building and fellowship.
Staff and students from kindergarten to grade 12 will take part in this year's Terry Fox run on Thursday Sept. 27th at 9am. Student's are encouraged to use the hashtag #grecbeliketerry during the walk to help spread awareness and support for the Terry Fox Foundation and cancer research.

We are only $100 dollars away from exceeding last years donation total! If we raise more that $1,110.00 our senior students will come together and pull a school bus in our front parking lot!
Go Gryphons!