GREC School to Community Students Take Gold!

School to Community Students Win Big at 2018 Special Olympics
Most sports here at GREC run during the fall, winter or spring; but not the Special Olympics, we start training for competition as soon as we return from our summer holidays. This school year the School to Community students competed in for different local qualifiers including: soccer in Brighton, basketball and bocce in Kingston and track and field in Sharbot Lake. 

Our students demonstrated tremendous commitment and GRIT during the qualifier events, which earned them several spots at the Provincial Championships held in Peterborough, Ontario on May 29th-31st. Four of our students, Paige Peterson, Caden Stephenson, Devin Cooney and Nick Kirkland, competed in the basketball competition where they won GOLD in their division. Our students also saw remarkable success in track and field where they took home seven medals and five ribbons in various events. Nick Anderson won three gold medals for the 100m race, shot put and long jump. Spencer Crain won gold in shot put, silver in long jump, 4th place in the 100m and 5th place in the 200m. Aislin West took home 5th place for standing long jump and 6th place for shot put; and Gareth West took home two bronze medals for shot put and standing long jump as well as a 4th place finish in the 100m.

The staff and coaches could not be more proud of our athletes and are already looking forward to next year's competitions! Special thanks to Tammy Steele, Jamie McCullough, Mary Jo Neadow and Brad Jonathon for all the support throughout the year!